Our mission is to help people realize that modern
technology, consumer trends, and current government
incentives are making it possible for society to achieve
The consumer makes the choice and, in the same
way that the consumption of illegal drugs empowers
the  drug cartels,  choosing a fossil fuel  source of
energy empowers the producers of pollution.
Furthermore,  one of the most important  decisions we
can make about pollution is what fuel we  choose to  
run our own bodies on.
Animal slaughter produces more  environmental
damage, more carbon emissions, more air and water
pollution than the whole of the transport industry.

El Amauta has developed two immediate practical
ways to attain sustainability:

1. Choose a green source as your energy supplier or,
if possible, generate your own electricity from solar or
other renewable resources.

2. Choose to consume food that comes from organic
sources that do not use any products derived from the
slaughter of innocent animals.

"Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, Mind, Intelligence
and False Ego altogether these eight comprise My
separated energies"
Bhagavad Gita As It Is First Collier Books Edition 1972

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